MMC-PRO is for use by professional operators

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.


MMC-PRO is a dynamic broad-spectrum anti-viral and anti-bacterial algaecide and disinfectant. It is PH-neutral and non-corrosive, readily biodegradable, and contains no bleach or acids. It is suitable for use on a wide range of outdoor hard surfaces.

Target Organisms

Green mould/algae
When applied in accordance with the instructions, MMC-PRO kills green mould/algae in 2-4 days.

Black mould
The product kills black mould in typically 10-14 days, though black mould pigment staining, if any, is likely to persist.

The product kills most common forms of lichen gradually over a period of several months, and thereafter natural weathering will take a few months to remove the dead growths.


MMC-PRO is not a general-purpose or instant “cleaner”. In most cases, but not all, the product residues tend to lift ingrained dirt slowly for a few months from application, to leave a cleaner and brighter surface. There are many variables involved in this, not least rainfall, and therefore this “cleaning” action is itself variable.​


The product residues typically prevent algal re-growth for 8-9 months on south-facing exposed surfaces, but less where surfaces are permanently shaded or damp. MMC-PRO is suitable as a pre-paint treatment, and suitable for use prior to or following the application of surface sealants.​


MMC-PRO is classified as a hard-surface biocide and is approved for use in the UK (HSE 7824) and Ireland (PCS 93764) for use by professional operators – that is people who regularly use herbicides/biocides/chemicals in their routine job (certification is not required).


Under HSE/EC regulations the product may not be used to treat moss. This applies to all similar products, however they are labelled or advertised.


MMC-PRO is PH-neutral and non-corrosive. It is not physically capable of damaging or staining any hard surface – unlike the pigments in mould/algae which easily leach into hard surfaces to leave mould and algal staining. Where this has happened the product residues will often help to soften staining gradually over several months but may not remove it.

Hard surfaces

The product is suitable for use on a wide range of outdoor surfaces, including; all natural stone, composites, granite, block paving, brickwork, slate, tarmac and asphalt, painted surfaces, roof-tiles, glass, uPVC and plastics, fibreglass, metals, plaster, grouting, render, pebbledash, conservatory roofs, felt and asbestos roofing, caulking, gravestones.

MMC-PRO can be used as a pre-paint treatment, and before or after application of a patio/driveway sealant.

Synthetic/artificial surfaces

MMC-PRO is suitable for use on all synthetic/artificial surfaces including running tracks, sports surfaces, artificial grass, playground flooring areas etc.


We do not recommend using MMC-PRO on marble. Although the product will kill the mould and algal growths that often affect marble, removal by the elements of dead (and discoloured) growths in any deep veins will not be possible.


Under HSE/EC regulations the product may not be used on timber surfaces. This applies to all similar products, however they are labelled or advertised.



MMC-PRO should only be applied to dry surfaces, and when the diluted product can fully evaporate on the surface before rainfall or overnight dampness (depending on day-time weather conditions and the surface type, this this could be anything from about 2 to 6 hours).

The diluted product should only be applied with low-pressure equipment, such as a knapsack sprayer, and then simply left to dry on the surface. It should not be scrubbed in or washed down.

Dilution Rate

MMC-PRO is supplied in 5L packs, and should diluted as follows:

To treat average green algal growth and black mould:
1 part + 4 parts water

To treat light green algal growth:
1 part + 9 parts water

Coverage (5L Pack)

Average growth
Dilution rate 1:4
Total Dilute 25 L
Rough surfaces 75-100 sq.m
Smoother surfaces >175 sq.m

Light growth
Dilution rate 1:9
Total Dilute 50 L
Rough surfaces 150-200 sq.m
Smoother surfaces >350 sq.m

NB Coverage rates are low compared to most herbicides. A number of hard surface biocides make very high coverage claims, and these claims are simply at the expense of product performance.


Users must read and comply with all of the label information. 

Animals must be kept off treated surfaces until the surfaces have first completely dried.

All contact with plant life should be avoided. In the event of run-off or over-spray onto grass or plants, the affected areas should be thoroughly flushed with fresh water.

In the event of a medical emergency, users should immediately call 01865-407333 
(from Ireland: +44-1865-407333).

Users must comply in full with all their legal responsibilities under the Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986 (as amended).


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